Alamatnya Cinta (1970)

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overview : The story of Ellie Farhana was a writer who lost his father's home when the house was auctioned and bought by famous actor Faliq Assad. Ellie tries to get it back. Faliq Assad who had just broken relations with Jasmine moved to a new home. Since then, various incidents have occurred between Faliq and Ellie. The scandal between Faliq and Ellie viral in the media of social crime reporter Natalia. Emma, manager Faliq suggested that they both get married to save her career. Faliq announced that Ellie would be his wife. After the wedding announcement by Faliq, Ellie's chaotic life was getting worse. Ellie finally agreed to marry Faliq, but on condition. Will someone continue the absurd mission?
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Networks : Astro Ria

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Hisyam HamidFaliq Assad
Hannah DelishaEllie Farhana
Yusry Abdul HalimDamon Degawan
Jasmine SurayaNatalia
Alicia AminJasmine Aziz
Fahad ImanOmar Qalish
Cik ManggisEmma Harith