Thank God You're Here (US) (1970)

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overview : Thank God You're Here was an Australian television improvised comedy program created by Working Dog Productions, which premiered on Network Ten on 5 April 2006, and aired for the first three seasons and on Seven for the fourth season. Each episode involves performers walking through a door into an unknown situation, greeted by the line "Thank God you're here!". They then had to improvise their way through the scene. At the end of each episode a winner was announced. It was the most successful new show in Australia of 2006, attracting an average of 1.7 million viewers after the first few episodes. The show is hosted by Shane Bourne, and is judged by Tom Gleisner.
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Shane Bourne
Ed Kavalee
Tom Gleisner
Nicola Parry
Heidi Arena
Roz Hammond