Scent of A Man (1970)

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overview : Based on a mega popular bestseller of Korea, this drama is somewhat like the drama Snowman because of the fact that the step-sister falls in love with her step-brother and vice versa. Hyuk-soo is somewhat a cliched Korean character. Good at fighting and smart, but chooses the wrong path (almost as if he's forced to be a jopok); has morals; is loyal; and most importantly, loves one woman only. Eun-hae's mom and Hyuk-soo's dad, both widowed for a long time, fall in love and decide to get married before Eun-hae's mom dies. While this is going on, Hyuk-soo and Eun-hae meet. Automatically they know they are in love, but since they become family, Hyuk-soo looks at her in a way an older brother should ... or does he?
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Han Ji-hyeHa Soo-min
Han Eun-jungShin Eun Hae
Ahn Jae-moKwon Hyuk Soo
Kim Jeong-hyeonJung Chul Min
Ryu Seung-suOh Young Man
Jung ChanJo Duk-jae
Kim Tae-yeonJung Min-sook
Lee Hyeong-cheol
Lee Joo-hyunPark Sang-soo
Jung Ho-binOh Sang-won