Arrow - Season 5 Episode 13 (2018)

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overview : 16 months ago, Rene watched his wife, an addict, being killed by a dealer in front of the former's daughter, Zoe, who was transferred to foster care; and Rene was prohibited from meeting her. He was inspired by the Green Arrow killing Darhk and saving Star City, deciding to start his vigilantism. In the present, an armed man attacks the city hall and kills and wounds several staff members. Felicity identifies the shooter as James Edlund, a former clerk and a gun control proponent who lost his family in a shootout months ago. Thea and Quentin encourage Oliver to deal with the situation as the mayor, not the vigilante. The latter decides to work with the city council for a gun control act. Rene and Curtis locate Edlund's hideout and find his next target, where Oliver confronts Edlund as the mayor and dissuades him from killing anyone, convincing him to surrender. Oliver reaches to an agreement with the council over the act. Curtis promises Rene to help him get to Zoe legally. Meanwhile, John convinces Dinah to return to normal life. She enlists in SCPD.
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Rick GonzalezRene Ramirez
Katie CassidyLaurel Lance
Stephen AmellOliver Queen
Echo KellumCurtis Holt
Emily Bett RickardsFelicity Smoak
Paul BlackthorneQuentin Lance
David RamseyJohn Diggle
Willa HollandThea Queen
Juliana HarkavyDinah Drake