Karl the Butcher vs Axe (2010)

May 05, 2010 90 min Watch Trailer

overview : 2023 and Karl The Butcher Jr Returns from hell after 25 years, and is on a mission to kill a new butcher, Axe. But the world he returns to is in devastation, civilization is split between gangs, including the Gang loco, The Others, the tyrant Queen Scara, The Black Monks, and of course, the nomads Axe and his sister Vendetta whose family history is unknown. An ultra-violent journey in a wasteland awaits...
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Andreas SchnaasKarl the Butcher
Timo RoseAxe
Magdalena KalleyVendetta
Eileen DalyQueen Scara
Eleanor JamesShema
Marysia KayMathra
Marc RohnstockKing MooMoo / Leader - Flying Guillotines
Marc Trinkhaus
Mario Zimmerschitt
Rod UsherRod Usher
Dr. CaligariDr. Caligari
Sarge von RockSarge von Rock
Migore DrakeMigore Drake

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