A Fortunate Man (2018)

Aug 30, 2018 162 min Watch Trailer

overview : On his quest for happiness, Per decides to leave Jutland and an upbringing in a strict religious home. He runs from his family and his patriarch father, and sets sail towards Copenhagen to become an engineer. Parallel to his studies, he works on a visionary energy project based on wind and wave energy, a project so much ahead of its time, tha professors consider him insane and far too self-confident. However, Per’s project becomes a succes and he marries the beautiful Jakobe who is a part of a wealthy Jewish family. One would imagine that Per’s happiness now is made. But Per’s childhood keeps haunting him and his dogmatic family cannot accept his new life. Despite his luck and success, Per is unable to fully cut the strings to his strict religious background, and he now fears that he will repeat his father’s patriarchist behavior.
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Esben Smed JensenLykke-Per
Julie ChristiansenNanny Salomon
Jens AlbinusEberhardt Sidenius
Rasmus BjergEybert
Anders HovePastor Sidenius
Peter Plaugborg
Morten BjørnBourgeois
Katrine Greis-RosenthalJakobe Salomon
Tommy KenterPhillip Salomon
Ole LemmekeDelft
Tammi ØstLea Salomon
Morten Hauch-Fausbøll
Benjamin KitterIvan Salomon
Sara Viktoria Bjerregaard Christensen
Sophie Marie Jeppesen
Claus Flygare

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