Topkapi (1964)

Sep 02, 1964 119 min Watch Trailer

overview : Arthur Simon Simpson is a small-time crook biding his time in Greece. One of his potential victims turns out to be a gentleman thief planning to steal the emerald-encrusted dagger of the Mehmed II from Istanbul's Topkapi Museum.
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Melina MercouriElizabeth Lipp
Peter UstinovArthur Simon Simpson
Maximilian SchellWalter Harper
Gilles SégalGiulio
Robert MorleyCedric Page
Jess HahnHans
Akim TamiroffGerven the Cook
Titos VandisHarback
Joe DassinJoseph
Ege ErnartMajor Ali Tufan
Senih OrkanFirst Shadow
Ahmet Danyal TopatanSecond Shadow

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