In the Line of Duty 4 (1989)

Jul 21, 1989 94 min Watch Trailer

overview : Two detectives who are up to their necks in trouble and in each other's face, as they try to shut down a drug-trafficking scheme that could be connected with international ties to organized crime. But in the midst of their investigation, innocent immigrant dock worker Luk Wan-Ting gets caught up in the mix when he witnesses the murder of an intelligence operative and is framed for the crime.
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Cynthia KhanInsp Rachel Yeung Lai-Ching
Donnie YenCaptain Donnie Yan
Michael WongCaptain Michael Wong
Yuen Yat-ChohLuk Wan-Ting
Lisa Chiao ChiaoLuk's mother
Wai Gei-ShunHK Police officer
Yuen Shun-YiDrug dealer
Michael WoodsBlack fighter on rooftop/motorbike
John SalvittiFighter in alley
Stephen BerwickFighter on motorbike
Fairlie Ruth KordickBlonde fighter
Paul Wong KwanKiller at hospital
Eddie MaherLoan Shark in Seattle
Liu Kai-ChiMing

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