The Country Doctor (2016)

Mar 23, 2016 102 min Watch Trailer

overview : All the people in this countryside area, can count on Jean-Pierre, the doctor who auscultates them, heals and reassures them day and night, 7 days a week. Now Jean-Pierre is sick, so he sees Natalie, a young doctor, coming from the hospital to assist him. But will she adapt to this new life and be able to replace the man that believed to be irreplaceable?
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François CluzetJean-Pierre Werner
Marianne DenicourtNathalie Delezia
Isabelle SadoyanLa mère de Werner
Félix MoatiVincent Werner
Christophe OdentNorès
Patrick DescampsMaroini
Guy FaucherMonsieur Sorlin
Margaux FabreNinon
Julien LucasLe fiancé de Ninon
Yohann GoetzmannAlexis
Josée LaprunLa mère d'Alexis
Philippe BertinGuy
Géraldine SchitterFanny
Sylvie LachatLa patiente dépressive
Régis IaconoLe patient diabétique
Michel CharrelMonsieur Jallet

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