Violent Shit 3 - Infantry of Doom (1999)

Mar 21, 1999 85 min Watch Trailer

overview : Karl Jr continues his killing spree on a remote island with the help of his father and their army of metal masked mercenaries known as the Infantry Of Doom. A band of castaways are turned loose in the wilderness and hunted down, where they must fight to survive. They have moon's phase time to make across the island safely.
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Joe Neumann
Uwe Grüntjes
Winni Holl
Matthias Bern
Karl-Heinz Geisendorf
Walter Kindt
Andreas SchnaasKarl the Butcher
Andreas Schnaas
Ulrich Hapke
Xiu-Yong Lin
Giang Le
Son Le
Sven Petersen
Andrew Teixeira
Hagen van de Viven
José Silva

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