Murder on the Yukon (1940)

Feb 25, 1940 min Watch Trailer

overview : Unknown to Joan Manning, her trading post partner Weathers is operating a counterfeiting ring. When miner Jim Smithers brings his gold dust in, Weathers pays him off in counterfeit money. Jim's drunken brother, Bill, comes to the post and Weathers hears him say that Jim is leaving the area for good. Weathers sends Hawks to kill Jim and retrieve the bogus money. RCMP Sergeant Renfrew and Constable Kelly find Jim's body, and Renfrew hurries for Jim's cabin to search it. He is attacked by Weathers' men who have found the money. Renfrew is suspicious when Bill Smithers body is found, supposedly a suicide, with a note he had burned the money. This leads the Mounties to suspect counterfeiting. Kelly follows Manti, an Indian who works for Weathers, to the gang's hideout and is captured. But Renfrew is trailing Kelly.
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James NewillSergeant Renfrew
Polly Ann YoungJoan Manning
Dave O'BrienConstable Kelly
Al St. JohnBill Smithers
William RoyleGeorge Weathers
Chief ThundercloudHenchman Manti
Karl HackettHawks
'Snub' PollardArchie
Kenne DuncanHenchman Tom
Earl DouglasHenchman Steve
Budd BusterJim Smithers
Frank CampeauMan in the Store
Gertrude ChorreMinnie
Jack Rube CliffordWhispering Smith

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