Slacker (1991)

Jul 05, 1991 97 min Watch Trailer

overview : Austin, Texas, is an Eden for the young and unambitious, from the enthusiastically eccentric to the dangerously apathetic. Here, the nobly lazy can eschew responsibility in favor of nursing their esoteric obsessions. The locals include a backseat philosopher who passionately expounds on his dream theories to a seemingly comatose cabbie, a young woman who tries to hawk Madonna's Pap test to anyone who will listen and a kindly old anarchist looking for recruits.
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Richard LinklaterShould Have Stayed at Bus Station
Mark JamesHit-and-Run Son
Jerry DelonyBeen on the Moon Since the 50's
Rudy BasquezTaxi Driver
Jean CaffeineRoadkill
Jan HockeyJogger
Stephan HockeyRunning Late
Samuel DietertGrocery Grabber of Death's Bounty
Bob BoydOfficer Bozzio
Terrence KirkOfficer Love
Keith McCormackStreet Musician
Jennifer SchaudiesWalking to Coffee Shop
Lee DanielGTO
Scott RhodesDisguntled Grad Student

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