Deep West (1971)

Apr 08, 1971 94 min Watch Trailer

overview : A Yankee gunman, Hallelujah, is hired by Mexican Juarista, General Ramirez to confiscate a case of jewels to fund the revolution. For this, Hallelujah will receive a percentage. But other parties are interested in the case and when they turn out to be fakes, it all deteriorates into a cat and mouse style game with Hallelujah, gunrunners, the French, and a Russian outlaw(!) all searching for the real jewels. - SWDB
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George HiltonHallelujah / Alleluja
Charles SouthwoodAlexi Grand Duke Viosarevich Koperkin / Alexi Ivanovic 'The Bear'
Agata FloriSister Anna Lee / Lieutenant Donovan
Roberto CamardielGeneral Emiliano Ramirez
Federico BoidoFrank / Duke Slocum
Paolo GozlinoFortune
Andrea BosicJohannes Krantz
Linda SiniGertrude Krantz
Aldo BarberitoFather Victoriano Pacheco
Franco PesceEbenezer
Fortunato ArenaYucca Sheriff
John BarthaDeadman
Paolo MagalottiKrantz henchman

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