Operation Delta Force 4: Deep Fault (1999)

Dec 09, 1999 min Watch Trailer

overview : When a group of seismologists are taken prison, the forces that be know that there is only one team of rescuers to turn to--the highly elite Delta Force. Upon beginning this difficult mission to track down and save the hostages, the men on the Force are met with several surprises--surprises that lead them to think this may be one mission they cannot get out of.
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Greg CollinsSkip Lang
Justin WilliamsHutch
Johnny MessnerVickers
Gary HudsonSparks
Hayley DuMondLaurie Granger
Joe LaraMcKinney
John LaughlinGarcia
Burnell TuckerAdmiral Henshaw
Angus MacInnesProfessor Hill
Johnny MyersSamuels
Bashar RahalDmitri Minkov
Stefan IlyevGeneral Ratko Gravic
Itzhak FinziGeneral Miloshevic

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