Network (1976)

Nov 01, 1976 122 min Watch Trailer

overview : When veteran anchorman Howard Beale is forced to retire his 25-year post because of his age, he announces to viewers that he will kill himself during his farewell broadcast. Network executives rethink their decision when his fanatical tirade results in a spike in ratings.
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Faye DunawayDiana Christensen
William HoldenMax Schumacher
Peter FinchHoward Beale
Robert DuvallFrank Hackett
Wesley AddyNelson Chaney
Ned BeattyArthur Jensen
Jordan CharneyHarry Hunter
Conchata FerrellBarbara Schlesinger
Darryl HickmanBill Herron
Roy PooleSam Haywood
William PrinceEdward George Ruddy
Beatrice StraightLouise Schumacher
Marlene WarfieldLaureen Hobbs
Arthur BurghardtGreat Ahmed Kahn
Jerome DempseyWalter C. Amundsen
Ed CrowleyJoe Donnelly

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