The ComDads (1983)

Nov 23, 1983 92 min Watch Trailer

overview : Unable to find her runaway son, a woman deceives two of her ex-lovers from her youth, a mild-mannered teacher and a tough journalist, that each is the real father in order to obtain their help.
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Pierre RichardFrancois Pignon
Gérard DepardieuJean Lucas
Anny DupereyChristine Martin
Michel AumontPaul Martin
Stéphane BierryTristan Martin
Jean-Jacques SchefferRalph
Philippe KhorsandMilan
Roland BlancheJeannot
Jacques FrantzVerdier
Maurice BarrierRaffart
Charlotte Maury-SentierMme Raffart
Giselle PascalLouise
Patrick BlondelStéphane
Florence MoreauMichèle
Patrice MelennecPatron Star-Treck
Robert DalbanRéceptionniste Riviera

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