The Visitors II: The Corridors of Time (1998)

Feb 11, 1998 118 min Watch Trailer

overview : The sequel to The Visitors reunites us with those lovable ruffians from the French Medieval ages who - through magic - are transported into the present, with often drastic consequences. Godefroy de Montmirail travels to today to recover the missing family jewels and a sacred relic, guarantor of his wife-to-be's fertility. The confrontation between Godefroy's repellent servant Jack the Crack and his descendent, the effete Jacquart, present-day owner of the chateau, further complicates the matter.
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Christian ClavierJacquouille la Fripouille / Jacques-Henri Jacquard / Prosper le Purineur / Jacouillet
Jean RenoComte Godefroy de Montmirail, dit Godefroy le Hardi
Marie-Anne ChazelGinette
Christian BujeauJean-Pierre Goulard
Muriel RobinFrénégonde / Béatrice
Claire NadeauCora de Montmirail
Jean-Luc CaronGanelon
Patrick BurgelDuc Fulbert
Eric AverlantBrother Raoul
Pierre VialEusaebe / Monsieur Ferdinand
Franck-Olivier BonnetBoniface
Philippe Morier-GenoudFrère Ponce
Philippe NahonLe gérant du supermarché
Olivier ClaverieLe médecin
Olga SékulicHilda

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